Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Art Brut played at Indie Tracks the other week. I loved it.

Unfortunately we were playing an acoustic festival in Austria the day before so I missed the first day of the festival. I would loved to have seen The Lovely Eggs, Camera Obscura and The Frank And Walters. I would also like to have seen the 'How Not To Run A Record Label' talk by Sean from Fortuna Pop, I could have made some notes and forwarded them to EMI. Never mind though I'm just happy I got to go to either of the days

We arrived late-ish on the Sunday, unfortunately after MJ Hibbett had played and in the torrential rain. The first band I saw were The Smittens. They were ace. I hadn't really heard of them before, but it is exactly the kind of thing I like. After they had finished I went back to the rest of Art Brut to enthuse about them. They all teased me for being 'Twee". I strongly disagreed that I was, before heading off to see a band that was a favourite of mine when I was growing up The BMX Bandits.

The BMX Bandits are quite "Twee". I enjoyed their songs a lot even though I am not twee. I know I am not "Twee" because I cringed every time Duglas T Stewart spoke between the songs. It embarrassed me. I disliked the way he acted like a primary school teacher and I resented being spoken to like I was a six year old. The songs were brilliant though and Twee or not eating an apple onstage is quite cool.

Watching The BMX Bandits sort of changed my opinion of the festival. I know Indie Tracks is a celebration of Indie Pop, a genre of music that I love, but the twee-ness of it all was kind of getting to me. Don't get me wrong I can find no fault with the festival whatsoever. It was perfect. I loved the fact it was at a Steam Train Museum, I even found the rain added a romantic element to the day. I think what was annoying me ever so slightly was "Twee's" appropriation of fanzine culture.

I read a lot of Fanzines growing up. My favourite bands were The Yummy Fur, Helen Love, Urusei Yatsura, Bis and absolutely anything on Damaged Goods (except The Manic Street Preachers) to find out about those bands I had to read fanzines. Those fanzines, in their own way, could be quite twee. The people that sold them were always dressed head to toe in Hello Kitty clothes and accessories, and more often than not they'd be selling them from a Miffy handbag. The fanzines themselves though were angry full of polemic and to the 18 year old me seemed quite subversive. There wasn't much angry polemic going on at Indie Tracks.

I really enjoyed Indie Tracks. I wouldn't change a thing about it and I understand it was an Indie Pop festival not a "Twee" festival. It just made me think I would like to see a slightly more Curmudgeonly festival in a similar vein as well.

I suggest someone else start it. I am terrible at that kind of thing. I propose it be held at Bovington Tank Museum. It can be called Indie Trax. We can try and talk Luke Haines to headline it or perhaps try and get all the bands from '...And The Rest Is History' to reform for a one off. I personally would like to stir up some trouble between those that prefer Hello Kitty and those that think Miffy is better. Sit back and watch them rumble. Probably in the rain.


Unknown said...

Can we actually make it happen?


Alright. I need some help though.

Unknown said...

PopArt has been looking for an excuse to get into this festival lark. I've seen Wayne's World 2. Piece of piss.

Sian Superman said...

it's a great idea but has to be called Indie Tanks, surely? Or Kill Miffy.

Anonymous said...

The Smittens are the epitomy of twee, singing about how much they love their mum's they are an open advert for raising the legal abortion period from 24 weeks to well into the 25th year!

The Smittens aside though this year's indietracks had the least twee line-up to date.

One Bird Records said...

I'm in. Indie Tanks! Maybe at a naval base.


Ok Indie Tanks it is. I insist it has to be at Bovington Tank Museum though.

I couldn't actually here what The Smittens were singing I was stood at the back and that room got a bit Echo-y.

I just presumed they were singing about very angry things in a very sweet way.

I think 'Kill Miffy' should be another festival. Maybe at Monkeyworld. just a stones throw away from the tank musum.

Camp Freddie said...

Indie Tanks must happen. In October, or possibly November.

Craft workshops can be replaced with a workshop on how to turn 3 chords into a punk chorus.

We can replace the World War 2 Panzer vs. Sherman re-enactments with a fight between people with tight trousers and people with bootcut flares.

There must also be some gate staff to confiscate any miffy/kitty mechandise, which should be ceremonially burnt on the final night.

Dave R said...

What's a Twee?!? :)

Ann Pajuväli said...
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