Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Top 5 Thursday. Food I Miss When I'm In The US

I have been writing a series of Top 5 lists for a website. We were going to put one up every week. I'm writing something else for them instead now though. So I have a stockpile of these that I'm going to put up on my own blog(s) every Thursday

Here is the first one.

Top 5 Delicious things from the UK that I miss when I’m in the US.

My girlfriend lives in Los Angeles so I spend a lot of time there. America has a lot of very tasty food. I love the fact that it’s OK to eat cakes for breakfast and their eggs are for some reason a lot tastier than the ones we have at home. There are some foods I really miss when I’m there, though.

5) Yorkshire Puddings.

Actually, it’s not just the Yorkshire pudding I miss; it’s the entire roast dinner. In the UK, it is tradition on a Sunday to have roast beef, pork or chicken with roast potatoes and other assorted roast vegetables. It’s a bit like what Americans have for Thanksgiving, but we have it every Sunday. My favourite bit is the Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding is made of batter and left in the oven to rise whilst you roast your meats. On the plate, you use it to soak up all the gravy. It is pretty tasty. I recently ate in a ‘British’ restaurant in Palm Springs and they served it with a salad. A bit weird, but I wolfed it down anyway (sans gravy) to satiate my craving.

4) Vimto

Vimto is a cordial that you mix with water to make a delicious fruity drink. They don’t really have cordials at all in America, let alone Vimto. This is odd, considering that Americans add sugar to absolutely everything, so you’d think they’d like the option to be able to add a sugary mix to water. Somebody recently brought me 7 bottles of Vimto to one of our shows. I did them all in one day.

3) Bread

All bread in America is terrible. I don’t know what they do to it. Its either filled with sugar and additives, or if it’s the healthy option, it seems to be made out of sawdust, seeds and bits of old twine. I really miss a nice medium sliced loaf of white bread when I’m in America

2) Bacon.

I always forget that American bacon is different than UK bacon. I order it in cafes, and when it turns up all petrified, crispy and inedible I always wish I’d ordered something else. Bacon in the UK is sort of like Canadian bacon but longer and more delicious

1) Cadbury’s Chocolate.

Most of the chocolate you get in America is disgusting. The absolute worst is Hershey’s. Hershey’s Kisses look like old dog poo that’s not been picked up by the owner and left to dry in the sun and probably tastes even worse than that. I would rather eat poo. When I’m in America I really miss Cadbury’s chocolate, especially the recently reissued Whispa Golds - a bubbly chocolate filled with caramel. Seemingly reissued just to fuck with the fact I'm supposed to be on a diet.


mzamar said...

The problem with US bread can be very regional too. I have noticed when I'm abroad "why is all the bread so delicious?" but I also think this when in New Jersey, where it seems even the crappiest supermarket had good baked in store bread, unlike here in Boston where I live. Thank you for bringing Vimto to my attention. I am wondering if Moxie would be similar to what you're talking about: but they only sell it in the northeast.

Unknown said...

did you know you can now get vimto in ready made catons ribena style? they are amazing

and vimto juicy chews....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that's rich! A Brit complaining about food in the U.S. You guys should record in Eugene instead of Salem. The food down here is much better. We've got lots of great bakeries and restaurants. I lived in Salem for a couple of years and it is a culinary wasteland.