Monday, 28 February 2011


I really like postcards. I explain why HERE.

For EWITFR...N! I made a postcard for every show. I intend to do the same for Art Brut this year.

This postcard is for the Oxford Jericho which we're playing at tomorrow. I've never been there before but from my internet research. I see they have a green sofa on the stage and Cuban flags hanging over the speakers.

I hope the green sofa is still on stage when we play. Its been a while and I might get a bit tired halfway though the set.

This postcard cost £40 for that you get both the canvasses. On the piece of canvas which is the back of the Postcard I write in what happened the day of the gig personally addressed to you. I then add one of my own stamps.

I'll have it with me tomorrow. If you are interested email


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Jane is a said...

When you get back to Berlin would you take a commission to do a postcard of the Kranzler cafe?? Seriously, I have such good memories of it, and I'm pretty sure it's still there.