Sunday, 24 July 2011

Acoustic Lakeside

I love the Acoustic Lakeside. This was my third year.

You can read about my previous visits HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I think because of those previous visits, I've earned a bit of a reputation with the people who run the festival. This was confirmed when they handed me a small bottle of Jagermeister at the airport and then again when they immediately handed me a pint of beer as I arrived at the festival.

They tried to put the beer straight into my right hand, I'm quicker than that though. I knew what they were doing. They were playing the drinking game Buffalo. They are obsessed with it at this festival. This time they'd made signs and even badges. I suspect that next year it will be called the Lakeside Buffalo festival.

As we'd stepped in at the last minute, due to the Subways having to pull out, only Ian and I could make it to the festival. We played a very stripped down set, just him on acoustic guitar and me shouting. Which was fun for me as I got to pretend I was Jonathan Richman. I definitely wasn't straight though. I was a bit tipsy.

We pulled it off though and had loads of fun. I think my favourite part was being carried around on someones shoulders to our song Modern Art.

Then we got drunk and hung out. I think Acoustic Lakeside festival is the best place in the world to get drunk and hang out. Every year I've made more and more friends, to where it reached a point this year where it felt like I was friends with absolutely everybody there. Which is exactly what you want at a festival, especially as they were all buying me drinks.

I cant really remember much of the evening. I definitely watched Thees from Tomte's new band whilst some new friends translated everything he said for me, then I danced with Thees for a bit. My final memory is of seeing a naked guy dancing on the stage. That is when I decided to leave. Anymore drink and I might have been that guy and no one wants that.

I had a great time at Acoustic Lakeside, and hope I get to go again next year, when it is renamed the Buffalo festival.

I make a post card for every show I play for reasons I have explained HERE and have made one for Lakeside. It is £40 including postage and looks like this.

It is on two canvases slightly larger than the canvases I normally use and made of acrylic paint and sharpie pen.

I fill out the postcard to the person who purchases it.

If you are interested email me at


apis said...

Damn! I wanted to go but couldn't find any company.

I was laughing throughout all of your Acoustic Lakeside (as well as other) posts.
Hopefully next year we'll both be there or maybe someday have a beer in Slovenia (if not in Vienna in September).

Stay übercool!


christiane said...

i really hope you can come again next year because then we'll drink beer together again! drinking and talking with you was fun, thanks for that ;)

the blonde girl who betted that she'd get beer faster than you (:

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