Wednesday 10 December 2008


Whilst we are in Salem recording "Art Brut Versus Satan" we are all living in a Comfort Inn. Its very nice. Although I am beginning to feel a bit like Alan Partridge.

Every morning I get up and eat at the continental breakfast bar downstairs. I have sausage-gravy and muffins,waffles and syrup and then a small cake. This is definitely a lot more calories than my usual breakfast. My usual breakfast is three hours more sleep. I think having a swim everyday might even things out though and I'll remain exactly the same size I am now.

I am eating so much for breakast it is actually like I'm  intentionally putting on weight for a film. Like Robert Deniro in Raging Bull. The truth is though I need to retain my slightly over weight stature for the album as I've written a song that is partially about it called "Just Desserts" that would make little sense if I was thin.

I've already lost one song that I'd written called "Get On With It" that was about artistic inertia. We cant play that one anymore because at the end of the song I mention how Chinese Democracy will never be coming out and it since has. I also mention how they're will never be a Ghostbusters 3 with Bill Murray in it which has also since changed. JD Salinger hasn't released the last book in The Glass family trilogy yet but it does seem I have some magic power to make things happen.

If anybody is awaiting an author to finish a book,for a film to come out or an album to be released let me know. I'll put it in a song and whatever artistic endeavour your awaiting should be out before I have had a chance to record it.


Anonymous said...

How about writing a line about my book coming out? Then it would magically happen without me having to finish editing it...right?


My book too or at least my proposal. I think for the magic to work it all has to rhyme. Bill Murray/ghostbuster 3/glass family/trilogy/Chinese Democracy.

We need one more thing then I'll set about making it rhyme.

Unknown said...

Hehe, I think you should continue to chow down in the mornings and worry about it afterwards... or at least in time for the next promo shoot ;-)

Like the link to my old photo - what was th name of that club? Nexus or something? :-/

DaveCromwell said...

I'm not sure I'm ready for a "fat Eddie"!

Please don't mention in a song that the Pipettes next album will never come out. I'd rather see that sleeping dog just lie there.

Surprisingly (to me anyway) I think I *could* handle another Amy Winehouse album . . . so - go ahead and mention her ;-)

Anonymous said...

Prospect of a new album is VERY exciting!
Please come and play in Seattle in the next week while you're up here :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, a new album!!

your breakfast sounds rather (Dame Edna face)but its only temporary.

take care Eddie

Cate Lawrence said...

there's always the mythical Smiths reunion or a sequel to Slaughter House 5 or Jpod....