Friday 12 December 2008


We had a bit of a late start this morning. So I watched some Celebrity Rehab. I didn't know such a terrifying program existed. I remember low rent comedy shows in England at the end of the 90's having this premise for terrible sketches. It's very depressing to watch. Poor Steve Adler. Imagine being so fucked up and addicted to drugs that even Guns And Roses cant put up with you. I hope all those celebrities manage to get better. 

I can sympathise with Steve Adler though. I had to make a lot of urgent phone calls to the UK this morning so missed my morning hit of sausage gravy. I didn't realise I had become so addicted. I am contemplating breaking into the cupboard where I'm presuming the hotel staff keep huge vats of it and, much like an inmate of celebrity rehab, taking a load of it up on to the roof  where I wont be disturbed until I'm done.

If I cant get into the cupboard. I will head into Salem to try and buy some Sausage Gravy on the street. Even if it has been cut up with other less desirable breakfast produce, American bacon perhaps. It will still at least partially satisfy my craving. Maybe that gentleman from the other night the one that handed me the note that read "Follow the trail of blood back to the hotel" could sort me out. I'm a bit scared to ring him though.

Failing that. Im going to head down to the Fred Myer buy some porridge, some beef stock, some sausages and some black pepper and attempt to mix my own batch in the bath tub. I presume those are the ingredients.

So sorry Jasper if you come back to the room tonight and the bath is full of  gravy and I'm O'd on the hotel room floor.I need your sympathy I've got a problem.

Art Brut Versus Satan is sounding AWESOME  by the way.


The Loss Adjuster said...

This is how we trap people in America. First, we offer them sausage gravy. Second, we trap them in an adjustable rate mortgage.

Anonymous said...

You're addicted to sausage gravy??!
sounds serious.But I like to have fish fingers on toast for breakfast,with porridge and fruit for starters..I really do have that.

Blake said...


videomash said...

Biscuits and Gravy
Off Center Cafe - 17th and Center
Busick Court downtown