Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Talking To The Kids

Not going to Reading and Leeds?

Us either.

On Sunday 30th August we're playing for free at Anonymous festival in Dorchester.

It is a festival organised by the young people of Dorchester. Some of whom I met when they won a Phillip Lawrence award in 2007.

We were flattered to be asked to headline.

I was born in Weymouth which is just round the corner and grew up in Poole which is just down the road. I wish that somebody had been organising free festivals full of local bands when I was growing up.

If your not at Reading and Leeds you should come down. Manbury Rings is right next to Dorchester South train station and the festival shuts at 10pm so you can get the last train home.

Im going to get my face painted like Spiderman or perhaps like a tiger. I haven't decided yet.


Alice Marriott said...

Hello! My brother and I live just outside Dorchester, but were unfortunately unable to see Art Brut play in Poole back in the spring. I'm 17 and my brother is 20 and you will definitely see us down there!...Does that mean he'll have to join you in wearing face paint, and maybe duck as he goes through the entrance? :p

I also have another rather cheeky request: I go to the Thomas Hardye school in Dorchester and have just been appointed Marketing Director of the Student Magazine. :) This sounds far more glamorous/prestigious than it actually is!! However, would you maybe consider being interviewed by me for a feature? Although it would not be published until September, it would be great promotion for future Anonymous Festivals, raising awareness of the event among young people in the area. I also hope to get a feel for the other events being held, incuding the bouncy castle of course! :D

Would be great to hear from you soon...


Boosh said...

Eddie have you had a fight with Melv or something? This is the fourth year I'll have gone to Leeds and the fourth year without Art Brut :(
You're always the first name on my lips when suggestions amongst friends for the smaller stage headliners come around (well, Art Brut are, not you personally)
I'm told you were amazing in '05 so what gives?
Sad face.