Saturday 7 March 2009


If you haven't already seen the video for Alcoholic Unanimous here it is.

Art Brut are obviously in it as ourselves but lots of my  friends are also in it. 

Very little acting was involved. Most of my friends have received an apologetic text from me before and all of them have had me demanding tea and coffee from them at some point. 

They are also all drunks.


Karen said...

OMG. my personal oscar goes to jasper. so good at acting sober.

i misssss you guyssssss!

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks for posting it this way, Eddie. I still had not worked out a way to see it (all the way over here on these distant shores).

Besides your and the Art Brut bands amazing acting - I was delighted to see Simon & Julia of the Indelicates in goth makeup (and Al Indelicate grimacing) - and the wonderful Keith TOTP's there too! It's almost enough to make me start drinking again!

Well done. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Liking the cicadas at the end. But why?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you just discovered The Replacements!
I just discovered Trotsky Icepick, a LA band, last week. It make me think of the Replacements.
Cheers from France.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Can't wait for the album/cd/batch of mp3 files to be released.

Colbag said...

Dyan's elbow drop is the 2nd best that I have ever seen. She has the intensity of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and the technical ability of Shawn Michaels in his prime. In your fight against Satan you should certainly consider adding her elbow drop to your arsenal.