Thursday 19 March 2009

Gospel Singing

Some of you have probably already guessed that I wasn't born with the name Eddie Argos. I changed my name when I was about fifteen, by lying to people about what I was called and then I changed it legally about ten years ago.

Sometimes though people still use my old name when they book me flights or into hotels, which is understandable I don't really make a fuss about it. 

It happened recently I did two days of press in Germany. One day in Hamburg and another in Berlin. In both hotels I was booked in under my old name.

The hotel in Berlin got a bit grumpy with us as we were doing photo shoots and interviews in their hotel and taking up a lot of space. I thought they were going to make us leave or tell us off but all of a sudden they were completely fine with us.

When we asked why they told us that they didn't know we were doing such good work and they were very happy to have a famous gospel singer in their hotel.

This was confusing so I asked them where they got that idea from.

They had heard me talking about battling Satan all morning. Then googled my real name. 

They thought I was THIS GUY  


Vivian Weidmann said...

oh what chaos google brings upon us :D

Anonymous said...

Thats brilliant Eddie! You're famous x 2 :)

My name-double was an author who died in a light plane crash (her father was flying), which is particularly scary since I also have intentions of being a writer one day.

Boosh said...

"The ability to sing has given him the opportunity to tour and record with artists like Donnie McKlurkin, Brian McKnight, Lalah Hathaway, Tevin Campbell, Walter Beasley, Harry Connick Jr., Ice T, Philip Bailey, and Delfayo Marsalis."

Bet you've never toured with Ice T though Eddie? Let alone the heady heights of Philip Bailey...

Speaking of touring, I know I'm coming to see Art Brut a couple of times this upcoming tour but is there any news on festivals?

tomkendall said...

hahaahahahahahhahaha that is brilliant.