Tuesday, 31 March 2009


We recorded three songs for Artrocker a couple of weeks ago. 'Slap Dash For No Cash', 'Moved To LA' and 'Modern Art' you can here them HERE

If you have already STOLEN 'Art Brut VS Satan' then you will have heard 'Slap Dash For No Cash' it is a song about how much I hate bands that sound want to sound like U2/love bands that are Lo-Fi depending on what sort of mood I am in when I'm telling people about it.This version is different than the album version.

'Moved To LA' is a song that was written for the ART BRUT VS SATAN but for one reason or another didn't make it on. It is a sequel to an older song called 'Moving To LA'. I made a painting of 'Moved To LA' and wrote about it on my other blog which you can read HERE

'Modern Art' is one of our oldest songs. We finally finished it. Turns out it needed an extra verse.

There is also a documentary of how we recorded the songs. In it we are interviewed by a puppet that puppet was created by Emily Kane. A coincidence but made my day none the less

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