Monday, 23 March 2009


I cant remember if I've posted this already. But some people have emailed me about the JD Set thing that was on telly the other day.

We played a long version of Modern Art, I forgot the words (briefly) to Nag Nag Nag Nag and then I sang a duet with Hugh Cornwall from The Stranglers (I do actually sing a tiny bit)

If you missed it you can see it HERE

They've made it quite complicated for you. First you have to put your age in. If your under 18 lie. That involves saying you were born in 1990 or before. Then click on the bit that says 'JD SET TOURS' . We did the tour in Nov 2008 so click on that and then on our name.(Art Brut)

There you go. On the telly there was more talking and less songs.

Just turn down the volume and imagine me saying some nice things about Black Francis near the end of the long version of 'Modern Art' to re-live the Channel 4 experience.

Thats not actually what happened but its near enough.


Anonymous said...

If you're mates with the Stranglers fella, you should get them to play Mum's festival.

Anonymous said...


Colin said...

That was great fun; thanks!
Almost makes up for (probably) not being able to see you this tour, though nothing can.

Anonymous said...

No More Heroes another time?