Wednesday 21 October 2009

Atlanta. The Earl.

I love playing in Atlanta. We always have fun there.

The first time we played Atlanta we played at a venue called The Drunken Unicorn. It was one of our first tours here in the states. Our label Downtown had printed up posters of the front cover of the Rolling Stone we were on in Germany, which is basically just a big picture of my face. When we arrived at the Drunken Unicorn the only poster on the outside of the venue was that one and somebody had written ' I Fuck Dogs' on it across my forehead with a biro. Which was a little upsetting. That they had chosen to use my forehead to admit to their dog fucking. Despite having rude words written on my head I still enjoyed the Drunken Unicorn show.People in Atlanta really know how to have fun.

This time there were no rude words written across my forehead. We were playing The Earl. It is an awesome venue. Im suprised we've not played there before. It has one of those dressing rooms that is just full of unusual stuff from thrift stores. It made me feel like I was at home.

There were three bands on the bill. The always good Princeton and a first on called Small Reaction who were really really good too.

I enjoyed the show. We managed to get everybody going by the end, although it had been a bit of a challenge at the start. I was thanking all the bands at the end of the show and suddenly got very paranoid that I had got Small Reactions name wrong. I managed to convince myself that they were called Tiny Feelings and everytime I mentioned Small Reactions I felt ashamed that I was getting their name wrong.

Paranoid, I came offstage at the end of our set and the first thing I said to our tour manager Ed was

"Small Reaction?"

Double checking I had got their name right. He misunderstood though and replied

" Nah man, big reaction I think the crowd really got into it."

I had loads of fun. I cant wait to back in Atlanta again.


Anonymous said...

i wrote that.

Scrivenings said...

The show at the Earl was really great, even though you're right that the crowd was a little slow getting warmed up. I saw you guys at Variety Playhouse opening for The Hold Steady the last time you came through and was just totally blown away by your performance.

And I'll have you know that I left the show, went home, and sent an email in the wee hours of the morning to a few of my friends saying that you had instructed me to form a band with my friends so we could have fun together. Two of my friends were really excited about the idea. Looks like we're gonna start practicing next week. I'm incredibly excited to actually play with other people. Thanks for the push!


Ace well let me know when you have some songs recorded I would like to hear them.