Thursday 22 October 2009

Tallahassee Down Under.

This is just one example to prove that its not just Art Brut that bully Jasper the whole world is at it too.

Jasper and Mike both lost items with 24 hours of each other. Jasper left his iphone at the Middle East in Boston and Mike accidently left his coat at a part in New Jersey. The most amazing thing about Mike leaving the party without his jacket is not that he walked back through freezing weather without that jolting his memory and making him head back for it. It is that he left his cigarettes in the pocket and despite the large amount that he smokes still didn't realise till the next day anything was awry.

Anyway when we arrived in Tallahassee we went to the hotel for our showers and Mikes coat was waiting at the reception. In the box with the coat was this awesome collection of presents.
Jasper is having a very hard time getting his iPhone back.

The note that came with the presents said

'The top layer of presents is for everybody"

We know what they really meant though and didn't let Jasper have any of it.

I know I say this every blog but, despite the fact that I broke three microphones, the Show in Tallahasse was loads of fun. In fact it was so much fun we ended up playing three extra songs and doing requests.

After we played we went to the nearest bar. It wasn't the sort of bar I normally go too. It was a fun interesting experience though.

Some of the young patrons were trying to guess Mike's age as it had just become his birthday. One of them pointed to me and said

"Well we know he's old because he is drinking wine"

Which I suppose is better than saying

"Well we know he is old because of his face"

For the rest of the night they referred to me as 'Wine Guy'

I suppose I am a wine guy. Wine Guy it has a nice ring to it.


charles moss said...

wine guy means fine guy. as long as its good wine

Darren Hayman said...

Oi, I'm following your blog, you should follow mine.



I am now following your blog and you on twitter. Its an ace blog.

and thanks Charles I agree.

Anonymous said...

awww... Darren & Eddie... better than chocolate and peanut butter... Josh

Jen Berman said... guy...priceless. Can't stop laughing.

nina said...

mmmh! manner! i love manner. :-)

nice blog eddie.