Monday 19 October 2009

The Black Cat DC

The Black Cat is one of my favourite venues in America. It was Awesome to be back there.

There was no need to go to a Holiday Inn as the Black Cat has its own shower, so there was no breakfast stealing quandry.It was Sunday though so I found it hard to find somewhere open to sell me food. Apparently this is my fault though, as I walked the wrong way for forty minutes. Everybody else found food just fine. I ended up, after a huge walk, buying a sub from a small shop near the venue. It was quite an awkward transaction he couldn't understand what I was saying because of my British accent (and my tendency to mumble) and I couldn't understand him because I think he might have been a little bit mad. I think that made it quite exciting though. I didn't know what type of sandwich I had till I got back to the bus. Actually Im still not sure what sort of sandwich it was. Some kind of sausage I think.

Anyway because it was Sunday and most things were shut we sat around gossiping all afternoon. I found out some pretty amazing stuff. Ian has ridden on an elephant, the previous bands on this bus were Englebert Humperdink and Frankie Vali and The Four Seasons and I found out that Jasper belives that seats on aeroplanes are made of a special material that hides the smell of farts.

I know I have said a few things on this blog recently that might be questionable, I swear though that all of those things I've just said are true. And Jasper certainly belives that seats on planes are made of this magical material that stops farts smelling. He says he saw a program about it once. I find it highly unlikely though. If this magic material existed surely they would make tents out of it, duvets, comforters and trousers would be made out of it too. In fact if this magic 'stop farts smelling' material exists the whole world should be made out of it.

The show felt really good. Princeton were awesome again too. I love the crowd at the Black Cat, I cant wait to play there again.

People offered to buy us drinks again and this time we accepted so I cant really remember the rest of the night and my mouth still tastes like Jagermeister.


Anonymous said...

The fart proof materiel may contain charcoal - I heard once they were planning to make magical pants from it


HelloI wish you updated your Blog more. Is it still VW Morrison or are you a different camper/caravan now.

Horacio said...

The material could be the product of nanotechnology... tiny little nanobots destroying the foul smell at a nanoscale: this is the future we were promised!!!!!

I'm missing your show in Chapel Hill/Carrboro... I'm so sick I can hardly type... I'd be surprised if this comment makes it i'm so sick.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed performing at the black cat, we enjoyed your show!

and in regards to fart proof pants, i totally farted at your concert last night, while you decided to jump off stage and mingle...a pair could have come in handy...