Friday 23 October 2009

Bottletree, Birmingham Alabama

The Bottletree in Birmingham is a brilliant venue. I had been looking forward to playing there since the start of the tour.

First though some of us went to The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. I'm not ashamed to say I was close to tears a few times. Despite it obviously touching on some very upsetting subject matter. It is also an incredibly inspiring place. If you are ever in Birmingham Alabama I strongly recommend you go.

The Bottletree is owned and run by a guy called Brian who used to tour an awful lot so he knows what people on tour need to make them comfortable. If you are a touring band I can not recommend The Bottle tree highly enough.

Here are just a few reasons why it is AWESOME.

It is full of amazing folk art. In this painting Lionel is saying

"The Restrooms are out of order, but feel free to dance on the ceiling"

There is a pinball machine and Mario world to play for free

Bowls full of chocolate

Fresh clean socks. They were right our feet did smell.They remember that drinks taste nicer with ice.
The venue is full of interesting books to read

For dressing rooms they have two well stocked Caravans and a backstage garden. The caravans are full of DVDs, Cable Television, Magazines to read and stereos which you can plug your ipods into.

They let us stay in the caravans till we had to leave at 4am. I sat in one of them alone listening to The Replacements very loudly whilst drinking an awful lot of red wine. It is one of my favourite things to do.I call it 'having a hootenanny' I do it all the time. Normally till I'm told to stop. It was just me in the caravan though so I could do it till we left. Ace.

Here is one more photo it was Mike's Birthday so Princeton pie'd him. I think its a good look

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Jessie said...

That sounds like a very cool venue. If I am ever in a position to be touring the states, I hope I go there. Also if I ever am touring the states I might ask you for recommendations on other things to see and do. Thanks.